Looking for a network bandwidth usage solution. anything goes.


Jul 20, 2010
Basically, I am looking to setup an environment to track usage.

I really don’t care about what data is being downloaded, but more how much of it is.

So the scenario is as follows.

Internet package is 100gig a month.

There are 4 houses using 1 connection for internet connection.

I want to know based on monthly/daily time how much each household is using.

So if House A uses 70gig, and house B only uses 10. I want to get them to pay for their usage.

I don’t have any existing hardware. So any solution is available, I would prefer is a router. Because if things mess up, I would like to reboot one solution and not have to log in and start 20 different apps.

I was hoping for something like “ Router with 6 ports” , and it would just let me know cumativly how much port 1 is using, port 2 is using ….

Anyone have ideas? Suggestions?
Your main problem is a router does not have a place to store any detailed data. You can look at the tplink documentation and see if this will be good enough. I think they only log based on IP address not the physical port.

Your problem is you likely won't be able to afford the prebuilt solutions similar to what hotels or small business use. They are basically the free firewall software pre configured for you.

The best solution is going to be to build this yourself with a free firewall package such as pfsense. It is a trade off you do the work and deal with the complexity of a free firewall or you pay someone to build you a appliance that you can just reboot.


Jul 31, 2015
My suggestion is that you can get a router that is running DD-WRT, OpenWrt or equivalent (you can flash the firmware your self or buy one pre-configured with either) and then install the YAMon addon. YAMon will identify and track all of the data used by every device connecting to the router. You can organize the devices into arbitrary logical groupings (e.g. by house) and see the aggregated totals for each group.

See the YAMon thread at the DD-WRT forum (http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=289324) and/or http://usage-monitoring.com for more info. Or PM me.


Pfsense is a good call and can be built cheaply from an old pc. You can either load it up with nics ( would recommend Intel for compatability) or you could buy a pre-made one with fewer interfaces and a layer 3 switch and create 5vlans. The reporting is excellent and could set up traffic limiters and queues.

Bruce Geng

Jul 4, 2013
I would recommend you to setup "WFilter NG Firewall" in a pc.

It can set bandwidth cap, set bandwidth rate limit for client deivces.

Also you can monitor and track internet activity and bandwidth usage.

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