Question Looking for a new 27"


Jul 6, 2017
Hey there,

my current monitor (ASUS VG278HE) is about to die anytime soon and I want to replace it asap. Missing the knowledge so I came up with a couple of different ones but lacking the experience to really decide there or even break it down for myself.

I am mainly using my computer for playing games (used to be a lot of CS:GO and WoW - but it's turning more and more into "modern" Singleplayer games - I blame my age for that).
Also watching the usual streams/videos or anything similar, no office stuff at all except for some google sheets or minor things that aren't worth mentioning.
Using a 1080 Ti if that makes a difference, and a curved monitor is not really an option for me.
If possible I would like to upgrade to QHD, 144hz would be appreciated and I think a 27" monitor is enough for me currently as I am sitting pretty close to it and a bigger one could result in an uncomfortable position.

ViewSonic Elite XG270
Dell S2721DGF
LG 27GL850-B
Gigabyte G27Q

These are the ones I was looking at so far (based on multiple reviews and opinions), think they are all roughly in the same price range and that's also roughly the budget I am looking at. As said, I am really clueless with most hardware things and even more so with monitors as I usually replace them once every 7-8 years only.
Is one of them particularly better than other(s), did I miss another one or can anyone give me a slight hint or some extra input? I would appreciate every piece of advice and maybe I am not thinking of certain things that I should.

Thanks in advance!