Question Looking for a new camcorder for low light condition


Nov 24, 2018
Hi, I am looking for a camcorder capable of recording very clear videos in low light condition. By low light condition I mean when outside is cloudy and inside the house the artificial light is not enough to avoid image noises and focus issues.
Also, if it is possible, to have a nice focus range, making some great close ups almost closer to a macro, and a nice audio quality. I am not looking for 4K, but if it is necessary to have as per above, then that's ok.

I don't want to mention the budget, but I would say something under 2K pounds. Do you know any camcorder as per above? Or maybe can you point me where I can start to look? Thanks


So here's my take:
  • Both your smartphone and SLR camera can record video. Try those first as the free option?
  • If neither of the already owned devices are satisfactory, perhaps consider replacing one of them before buying a 3rd device with a limited/dedicated purpose?
    • Smartphones and DSLRs have basically killed the dedicated camcorder industry until you get up into "professional tier" equipment.
      • If you just want to record videos of your kids or something, a new(er) smartphone would probably fit the bill. With the added benefit of always being on your person.
      • If this is for a videography hobby, maybe you're into a new DSLR or professional video camera


You're probably using the kit lens with your 1100D. The kit lens has a small aperture, if you buy a prime lens with a large aperture, you'll be able to allow 3-4x more light into your videos.

The canon 50mm F1.8 STM lens is a great video lens for low light. It's a prime lens, so there's no zoom.
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