Build Advice Looking for a new CPU Cooler


Nov 9, 2017
Hello and thank you for reading this thread and helping me out.
I have been out of the game ever since I got my first PC, what I mean by this is that I haven´t been paying much attention to PC component news and all those sorts of things, but I have been thinking about changing my intel stock CPU cooler for a while now and I would like some recommendations from someone that knows what they´re talking about. Now I don´t "need" to get a new cooler but I think it wouldn´t be a bad idea to do so, since intel stock coolers don´t really have the best of "fame" when it comes to these types of pc components, don´t get me wrong, the cooler´s fine, it does its job but I can´t stop thinking about how the noise levels and temperature levels could be a little better even if they don´t need to by just getting another cooler. I have looked into tom´s hardware´s latest post about the best cpu coolers around in 2019 but I would still like more than one outside opinion. When talking about cpu coolers it can either be an AIO or just a regular tower cooler since I will also buy two fans to replace the stock ones that came with the case probably making it worth to get the AIO.
The type of cooler that I am looking for is nothing too fancy, just something that is worth the money, does its job and keeps as quiet as it can.
I will of course write all of my specs in this thread, thank you for you´re time.

Case: NZXT S340
CPU: i5 8400
GPU: GTX 1070Ti
RAM: Team Group T-FORCE Vulcan 8GB 3200Mhz
MOBO: MSI Z370 Gaming Plus