Looking for a new GPU


Aug 7, 2009
I currently have a 9500 GS (came with a computer I got as a gift). I've been wanting to upgrade it for a while, and recently the fan has started making a racket and I'm basically through with it. I play EverQuest and a few other FPS's, and usually use my computer to game, but none of the "hardcore" newest and GPU-intensive games. So, I have a question and a restriction:

1) What's a decent upgrade for around $100 (preferrably less, will go higher if it's worth it) that I would like?

2) Since this is a prebuilt computer, my mobo only has so much room. If it's any bigger than the 9500, chances are I can't fit it inside the tower.



Feb 24, 2007
May be getting way off topic now but if you like your mobo and cpu, and are planning to keep them around a while, maybe a case swap and powersupply upgrade first? then you can get any gpu your heart desires.

Just an idea for an all in one solution

otherwise i've heard great things about the 4670, small, low power draw, decent performance. Never used one though, switched to team green when i took up linux.
So from there there are 9600gt's in single slot designs now.

Just to get way way off topic what ever happened to the 4770? I know the when the price dropped on the 4850 it all but fell off the map, but do you think that the lower power requirements of the 4770 might work in his case with the 350 watt oem'er he has? Or is he gonna be solely limited to cards powered off the port with that?