looking for a new motherboard


Feb 18, 2007
I am doing some major upgrading to my machine right now, but I want to focus on the motherboard at the moment. I am looking for a great overclocking motherboard. I am a gamer, and I use intel dual core and possible the quad core line when I decide to upgrade the processor. Price is not a problem at the moment (not until I price the other parts I want to upgrade) so give me recommendations for different price ranges. It needs to have one on-board firewire port at least so I can hook it up to my card reader. Also I am going to use DDR2 memory since DDR3 is costing a lot right now. Looking for board that is ready to run the 45nm processors coming up too.


Oct 23, 2007
Seeing as you are a gamer what graphics card(s) are you using? If you want to use SLI then there are no SLI capable boards (nvidia chipsets basically) that can support 45nm QUAD core at the moment (although they may be able to in the future due to a BIOS update. I think all Nvidia chipsets can support DUAL core 45nm though.

So basically if you want to run a 45nm QUAD core in the future, go for an Intel chipset just to be safe (although you can't run SLI)

If you want to run SLI however, you will need to get an Nvidia chipset like the 680i and run a 45nm DUAL core for the moment and hope that a new BIOS comes out at some point soon for QUAD support.

I would recommend the X38 as an Intel chipset and the 680i as an Nvidia chipset. The 780i is out soon but that may not support 45nm QUAD core CPU's for quite a long time.