Question Looking for a printer for home use

Feb 10, 2019
Hello. I am looking for a reliable printer for home usage. I don't plan using it on a daily basis, but at least once in a month. I previously owned a cheap HP Deskjet printer, (don't remember the exact model number i'm sorry) but even if i used it at least once in every 3-4 weeks to prevent is from drying, i always ended up to buy a new cartridge. And that's what i don't want to do. Is there any manufacturer which you can suggest me and a better way to maintain the cartridges for not regular usage? Maybe a refillable cartridge or something to clean the printer's head? I am willing to pay more if that is the case, so don't hold back your suggestions, please.

Phillip Corcoran

All Inkjet printers are designed for frequent use but the best brand for, say, only once or twice a week is Canon in my experience.
I can't suggest a particular model, just the brand.

If even once a week is more than your usage needs then you really need to be looking at laser printers which use toner, not ink.


Live without color and go for a cheap laser.
My trusty old Samsung Ml2510 died and I replaced it with a Brother all in one L2540 ($99 at bestbuy) about 15 months ago and have yet to go thru the starter toner cartridge. Toner Cartridge was $33 (genuine) and there is a separate drum that needs to be replaced at about 5000 pages. ($25)

Despite reviews, Yes you can print past the low toner warning.