Looking for a program to see network usage


Nov 25, 2011
Little background:

My brother's (and roomate's) girlfriend built a new rig a few months ago. Ever since, every time her computer is on it eats up a TON of bandwith. Resulting in 500+ pings for me. I'm a gamer so anything more than 100 is unplayable for me. (MY DPS IS TEH SUFFERING). Is there a program we can run on her computer in order to see what is using all the bandwidth? is there something I can run on MY computer to see network usage by programs? Any help is appreciated. Lord knows how obnoxious it is to have to ASK her to shut her rig down every time I want to game. Although, I do pay for the internet... One of those things that make you go "Hmm?"

Thanks guys.

By the way, my rig runs win vista, my brother's runs 7 and hers runs 8. Is Win8 an internet whore?


Sep 29, 2012
I had a different response keyed...you are running wireless I am going to assume. Wireless only a single device may transmit at a time and if they transmit over the top they have to recover the data which causes the high ping times. It actually only takes a small amount of traffic to cause problems and worse the machine that has the strongest signal level tends to win out. This is the key reason it is recommended that you do not run wireless for gaming.

My original response was to run the wireshark tool which I will just leave at that without further explanation.