Looking for a Quiet, but reliable 2-4 tb HDD for storage


Oct 8, 2015
Hello there,

I've previously had a 2tb WD black and at the time the noise was so concerning I sent it back thinking it was faulty. I'm currently using a 500gb ssd for my OS and a 2tb firecuda for storage.

I have about 1 tb left for internal storage on my firecuda. This is for work and occasional game installs. I have considered methods to quiet a WD black as well now that I know that they are generally loud. While I'm open to suggestions for these methods I'm also curious about any quieter drives I could use that are dependable for long term storage. I've also heard about external quiet-drives in their own housing but would prefer an internal drive.

Any input is welcome, as I've been doing some research before I make any decisions.
It matters how the HDD is mounted in the case. I have a 1TB WD Black that is mounted in a drive cage with silicon spacers to isolate vibration & noise. I rarely hear it at all.

I've always had good luck with WD Black. So I would recommend WD Black and Seagate Barracuda hard drives.
Here is a good article on the WD rainbow.

For quiet a typical recommendation would be WD green.
But, there are other variations that are quiet.
add wd red and purple which are quiet.