Question Looking for a recording microphone setup.


Jan 1, 2012
I am looking for a microphone to do some recording with. It'll be things like streaming, video tutorials, that sort of thing. It seems my two options are condenser and dynamic microphones so there are a couple questions relating to this. First, a good condenser like, for example, a Samson G-Track Pro, Blue Yeti, etc, how well do they work sitting on a desk? There wouldn't be too much keyboard noise, and my fan is fairly quiet. Would one of these sitting on a desk work pretty well, or will an arm mount be required? I understand larger Condenser mics like the two mentioned are heavy, and tend to require a more expensive arm as well, so that is something to consider for cost

What would be the pros and cons to using a dynamic like the Q2U?

As for interface, USB audio samples sound good enough for what I am looking for so I do not think an interface would be necessary, but if it is and I do go with something using XLR, I would only be able to budget in about $30 for a single channel Behringer.

Also, how does the ModMic 5 sound in comparison to these? From the audio samples I heard they actually sounded pretty good, so I wonder if that would be a viable option as well, then I wouldn't need an arm or pop filter.