Question Looking for a reminder app with very specific features, can't find anything suitable


Oct 11, 2019
I want an app that allows me to create a reminder for myself and set a time at which it will pop up on my screen and remind me.

It sound simple, but you would be amazed by how difficult this is to find as most reminder apps seem to emphasize the listmaking and calendar overview of tasks, rather than the "alarm" or reminding feature (popping up on your screen, playing a sound etc. to remind you of the task).

I found an old app created for Windows 8.1 that is ideal called RemindMe, but it's no longer being developed and it's buggy to the point of being unusable.

I would prefer it to only have this reminder feature, no extra calendars and lists and etc., but if it has them, fine, so long as it has the alarm feature. Other desirable, but non-essential features are recurring reminders and deferring or rescheduling.
Does anyone know of anything like this?


What Windows version are you now using?

Outlook has a Calendar function that should work very well for most requirements.

That said, your requirement is something like, click an icon, set a timer/alarm to pop-up and ring at some time X? Correct?

Reminders are already included in Windows/Task Scheduler.

Google "Windows pop up reminders". Likely many links so you will probably want to revise the search criteria to filter the results.

Do be very careful about any downloads.

However, the following "how to" link may serve: