Looking for a spacious desktop case


Feb 9, 2010
It's frustrating trying to find an ATX desktop case that doesn't have a hard drive rack that blocks my video card (Radeon HD 5870). I'm looking for a desktop (horizontal) case with at least one external 5.25" bay (prefer two), one external 3.5" bay, and 3 internal 3.5" bays. Don't really want an HTPC case, but I'd settle for one if I have to. Suggestions, please?

Edit: And it'd need some good airflow, obviously.
Recently I looked at horizontal desktop cases. I found there isn't much of a selection and they are not designed for extra long video cards. There is one but it is expensive. It's the Qmicra version 2E from PC Design Lab:


Here is a link to a video review of the case:


Note - The case is designed for a micro-atx motherboard. The case in the video clip is a mod done by monstermawd. Stock case is all black without the top panel blowhole.