Question Looking for a Turn base RPG game, involving swords and spells

Feb 25, 2019
Hey all,
I need help remembering the title of the game. Some details.
#Camera View from above, controlling a character.
# The game goes on from 1 character and meet new friends/character who joins the party and the party gets bigger.

#The gameplay is in turn base mode, where one can view the cell block. You make your action by moving or placing your attack.. Able to loot around stronger equips as you progress to make your character stronger.

# The skills are pretty interesting, some that i can remember is, the main character with a short is able to use fire pillar like skills. Low level it's in a vertical direction cells, ( probably 3 cells). As he gets stronger and level it, it can do 3x3 or more facing forwards.

#Another character in a party where we saved him from a prison cell who joins us to battle, that character is able to hit enemies in a hexagon cell direction using a sword and illusion, pretty huge distance cells.

#the female mage which joins us has the common bolt spell and later on gains area of damage spells.

What i can remember is, Initially we are face to save someone who got kidnap( i think) and that's where our adventure starts, slowly leading to a dungeon saving someone from a prison and heading out, the last map before heading to a town, fought a difficult wizard, where died numerous times due to his whole screen fireball spell. The next map is in a town, where we have to buy a tequila and give it to someone however, I got stuck there on as unable to find that NPC and unable to leave the map or the map portal was buggy.

Hope those helps, Played this in my early 2000's or late 1999 in PC.
On the cover as I can remember..the title spelt as Trojan? or Drojan? but..not sure if that is the correct name of the game.
Jan 8, 2019
There are so many games out there like that now. It would be hard to tell unless someone knew the game exactly. But it sounds like heros of might and magic to me.