Question Looking for a type 1 hyper visor or bare metal hyper visor for running multiple OS at same time


Dec 30, 2012

I am looking for a type 1 hyper visor like Hyper - V Server 2019 or Windows Server 2019 Core or Linux Server Distribution with core functionality that is a pure type 1 hyper visor but doesn't have a GUI at all. Actually, i don't want the GUI to not completely be there like Windows Server 2012 Data Center R2 has, but i need it to serve some purpose so i don't have to perform a remote login from another machine. How else would i interface with my Server Core? I have to side by side have some client OS installed to work with my server core OS. That's why i am asking can you suggest a server type 1 hyper visor like Hyper V Server but with a bit of a GUI. Doesn't have to be complexly solid and look fancy like Windows 10.

Also, the reason i want a type 1 hyper visor is because, i wanted to always boot windows 10 and Ubuntu and Hacintosh and Macintosh at the time but i realized that the system cannot boot 2 or 3 OS's at the same time because the PC architecture lacks this feature. However, by going on Reddit i read that this is only possible by installing a type 1 hyper visor which is directly installed on your hardware or physical machine rather than running inside a virtual container inside your Windows 7 OS. I don't mind actually, running ubuntu and mac os x inside Windows 7 in virtual box but that doesn't look neat and i feel that if my os's have direct access to hardware rather than being virtualisation, it would be a more advantage. I also understand that in a type 1 hyper visor, everything will be virtualisation but it will look more neat. I really dont get the point of already running windows 7 and in that using virtual box to create multiple OS's.

Also if you boot more then 1 os in windows 7 using virtual box, your GPU has limited functionality. The windows lags and sometimes the key presses are sluggish. I have realized on the type 1 hyper visor its not like that. The mouse clicks are not laggy and OS is much more stable and doesn't hang up.

Anyway, when you suggest type 1 hyper visor please do not suggest a type 2 hyper visor such as VMWare Workstation, Fusion, Windows Server 2012 data center, Ubuntu Server, no server OS.

Hyper V Server Core is a hyper visor itself running on bare metal and is counted as a type 1 hyper visor NOT TYPE 2 like workstation or virtual box. Also you may get hyper v confused with Windows Server 2019 or 2012 core. Please remember that hyper v is not server 2019 core. Server and hyper V Server Core are completely 2 differant products although on a server you can install multiple guest OS's and also on a type 1 hyper visor you can install multiple OS's.

I just need the bare functionality of a type 1 hyper visor and install mac os x Mojave, Ubuntu, red hat Linux and windows 10 and vista ultimate on the same ssd without using an appliance like V Center or Citrix web client to interface with my server remotely or using a OS on the side. I know if i install server core or hyper v core server i would need some kind of external appliance like V Center or Citrix or Citrix Web Client to manage my server or type 1 hyper visor. I need a GUI not only a terminal with my type 1 hyper visor, but i need some interface within it so i can install operating systems (guests) into the type 1 hyper visors which directly is ii installed on my disk and interacts directly with my hardware without adding another layer on software on top.