Looking for a USB Flash Drive that Doubles as a WiFi Adapter

Jan 10, 2019
Does anyone know if something like this exists?

I know that this is a bit of an odd request and I can probably understand why for the more savvy people here. After all, why would I need a flash-drive if I have a WiFi thumb adapter? Couldn't I just setup a network drive instead?

Well the reason I ask this (for anyone wondering) is because the work I do often involves moving between several different stations (or terminals) and back every 10-15 minutes, while always trying to have a copy of the most-up-to-date files with me. There's network connectivity but it's isolated to only (not always reliable) WiFi coverage as none of these terminals or stations are ever supposed to be hardwired to the network (or to each other) for that matter. This is just how it is and I don't really have any way of changing it.

What I could do to streamline the process though is - if I had a flash-drive that doubled as a WiFi adapter - I could probably setup a development branch locally on the flash-drive that I could update by "pulling" from a stable development branch off of a network drive.

Having (and working off of) the files locally on the flash-drive would save me from having to worry about SDK or other software that I'm using from freezing up or crashing due to any connectivity loss or anything

Anyone have any ideas? I'm really excited to think of the kind of impact something like this would have on myself and my peers.

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