Question Looking for a waterproof or high spill resistant quiet rgb keyboard


Aug 2, 2006
ive never owned a mechanical keyboard, im satisfied with regular keyboard but not opposed to mechanical keyboards.

Im looking for something i can wash or rinse,(say a shower) doesnt need to be submerged.

Nicer rgb with multi color preferred. Numpad is required. as well as function keys. this is for gaming

Im looking for something quiet, which excludes several mechanical keyboards, it doesnt have to be super quiet, but i dont want a key click just for the noise factor which a lot of mechanical keyboards have.

My budget is around 100.00 but 50 would be better.

Thanks for all who respond! Have a great day!
May 29, 2019
Most mechanical keyboards are pretty easy to clean so I wouldn't recommend rinsing a keyboard, even if it claims to be water resistant (Unless it has an IP-68+ rating). Just use pressurized air and if it's really dirty remove the caps and clean it with some cloth. Corsair does offer a K68 which is water-resistant but it costs somewhere around 130. These keyboards lasts years however so i wouldn't say it would be a bad investment. My corsair strafe is still going strong after 3 years of torture and several spills and goes for a similar price.

Good luck!


3 general types of mobo's.

Standard membrane, is what's normally used everywhere by everybody, can find them every place from Walmart to pc stores, Dell, laptops etc. Usually cheap, non-repairable, throw it away when a key wears out. Has the softest, non-tactile keys.

Mechanical. Hard to find compared to membrane, has interchangeable keys that are usually color coded. Tactile touch, audible clicks, hard/soft keys are all determined by color. Some keys are soft, only push half-way down to engage and can be quiet, some are hard, require full plunge to engage, some are soft, but don't engage until a definite click etc. Totally customizable to your personal needs. Can even mix and match if you want WASD as a harder/softer plunge than other keys. Most expensive, sometimes very expensive.

Hybrid. Membrane design with mechanical properties. Uses springs to give harder or softer plunges etc, but the keys are not interchangeable, you get what you get, but Hybrid generally will take more of a beating than standard membrane due to better designed keys.

Having raised 4 kids around pc's, they all had membranes (Dell makes the absolute best, almost indestructible keyboards) and gotta say, they got stuck in the dishwasher at least once per year. But you can do that with a basic ps/2 membrane keyboard. I'd not suggest it with anything that has a pcb inside for USB etc.


I bought my first Gaming Keyboard in January, it's a Hybrid RGB keyboard and I like it a lot now that I'm used to the smaller size/closer spacing of the keys.
The one I bought came with the Cooler Master Master Set 120:

Before that I always owned full size membrane keyboards so the difference is quite drastic.
It does click when I type but it's not as annoying as I thought it might be.
As far as the RGB goes I really like that I can see my keys without having to turn on my desk light now.
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I have the Cougar M500K, it's a hybrid and I like it just fine. However, the best keyboard I've ever had was a Logitech G110, I've got 2 of them. My wife loves it, and considering she can hit 140wpm or better, her not being on my Cougar is fine with me, she has to have a silent keyboard or it's like machine-gun fire...
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Oh no, lol. My keyboard sits on my pc in my bedroom. They had their own pc's in their bedrooms. Picked up 3x Athlon 64 3200+ with dell factory keyboards and Sony 21" monitors for $450. (for all 3!) I never washed mine, no need. Just theirs.