Question Looking for a widescreen monitor


Jul 17, 2014
1. What Is Your Country Of Origin?

2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? (ex. Games, Movie Watching, Photo Editing, etc.)

3. What resolution and screen size do you want?
I'm thinking 34"

4. What refresh rate do you want? (ex. 60 hz , 70 hz.)
140 is okay, is higher even noticeable / worth the extra money?

5. How much are you looking to spend?
Between €3-500, is this realistic for a decent widescreen ?

6. Brands Preferred (ex. Samsung, Acer, Asus, AOC, HP, Viewsonic, etc. )
No preference

7. Brands Not Preferred (state reason why)

8. Are You Buying More Than One Monitor?
Currently have an msi optix mag241C curved 24 inch 140hz 1080p monitor so just looking to pair the new widescreen with that one.
Is it an issue if the widescreen would be 1440p ?

9. How Many Displays Can Your GPU Support Maximum? And what GPU and driver version are you using if applicable?
I'll either buy a rx 6950k or the 4070, but leaning more towards the Radeon one

10. What Port Do You Want To Connect To (ex. DVI-D, HDMI, etc).

11. Is This Monitor A Primary Display Or A Secondary Display?

12. Is This A Secondary Display For A Laptop?

All recommendations/general info are helpfull, I only ever played / tested 140hz / 1080p so can't really judge if 1440p is a big difference.
Really clueless in the whole display world