Looking for a Wifi USB extender

What I want to do is have a USB device wirelessly connected to my PC. No equivalent device with WiFi is available.

So I need a device that will have a USB A (master) port and a WiFi connection. I connect to it as a WiFi device from my PC, I plug the USB device into it, and my PC sees it as a USB device even though I don't run a wire to it.

Every time I search, I find the reverse: WiFi receivers that attach to the PC via USB to give the PC WiFi connectivity. Can you help me?
I'm not sure how well it would work with a cellphone, because I'm guessing you need drivers for it to show up. Also, audio over WiFi without large amounts of buffer could be a problem, especially as it's probably uncompressed.

I'd suggest sticking xbmc on a machine and using the remote control apps for that. There's what appears to be something of an attempt at a Rhapsody plugin, though I'm not sure how well it would work. The other option would be to have both xbmc and rhapsody players on whatever machine you have hooked up to the DAC, and just only have one playing at a time.

DRM is a pain.