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Dec 26, 2020
Hey all, I'm looking for a laptop to be my primary working computer. It will be used mainly for databasing and general use, so I'm aiming for more strength in the CPU end than GPU. I know enough about computers to know that this is the place to ask, but I don't know a ton.

My budget is up to $700.
Size isn't really a consideration at all.
I'm not really sure what resolution I need haha.
I do need a portable unit as I work from a bunch of different places. Battery life isn't a huge consideration, it just has to last 2 hours at least.
It needs to have a built-in camera and mic for virtual meetings.

It may see some minor gaming as well, but I'm thinking in the way of Age of Empires, MTG Arena, Among Us, Silent Hunter, and stuff of that caliber. I'm not going to be crushing it.

I may be using it for some photo/video editing, but it's not a huge requirement. It does need to be able to view 1200+ DPI images regularly.

I would definitely prefer an SSD since a lot of databasing is done over network and I don't want to get bottlenecked on the hardware end (that's how it works right?). But I don't expect that I need a ton of space, maybe not more than 250gb, definitely not more than 512. I'd rather have less space, faster.

I'm not really considering specific sites but I had looked at some Dells and Lenovos on Newegg. I work for a non-profit museum, so I'm really hoping to get something that can last as long as possible. But I am definitely open to getting something refurbished. I'm just looking for the most power, as close to $700 as possible.

I don't need a disc drive but it would be nice.

In the past, I've preferred Dells and Lenovos. I just want something that can last.
I live in the US, specifically in Michigan.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!
Nov 17, 2020
When you say "databasing", do you plan to host a database on your laptop for development only? Or are you writing SQL queries against a remote database server?

I don't fully understand when you say you prefer SSD as databasing is done over network. If you're hosting (I'd question why!) go for a 1TB SSD and decent CPU. If you're remote querying don't worry about SSD size so much.

Depending on your software, some dev environments are memory hungry (examples: MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Management Studio).

Regardless of exactly what you are doing, memory should be a large consideration. Are you working with large data sets? (hundred of rows / thousands / hundreds of thousands etc)
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Mar 16, 2013
I would definitely prefer an SSD since a lot of databasing is done over network and I don't want to get bottlenecked on the hardware end (that's how it works right?).
While you DO need an SSD...that's not how it works.

The performance limitation will be the network, not the drive. Even an HDD is faster than a typical gigabit LAN.

And you do really want more than a 250GB, if this is to be the only drive.
Dec 26, 2020
The databasing is really just PastPerfect software over network, I won't be doing anything over SQL. It will be in the thousands of rows tops. Remote querying.

That X395 looks pretty great actually.