Question Looking for advice on CPU/MB/RAM replacement

Aug 11, 2020
I need to replace some parts that are showing signs of giving up the ghost. My CPU, MB and RAM are about 8 years old and I'm getting some weird behavior, so it's time to get some new stuff before it dies completely. Got a good, newish PSU, an SSD with less than 6 months on it and a couple of large platter HDDs for storage that are in good shape with lots of life left. Good monitor, case, mouse, speakers, etc. Just need the guts.

Current platform is an AMD A6-3670 with built-in Radeon 6530 graphics, a BiostarA75 motherboard, FM1 socket, Hudson D3 chipset and 8GB DDR3 1600 running Windows 7/64. That combo is nearly 8 years old now, gets a lot of use and cost the princely sum of $139 way back in the fall of 2012. Got my money's worth as this machine gets a LOT of use.

And frankly, other than needing to replace it due to age, I don't need more power. Sure, I'd like to have something zippier, but this gets me by. It's a workhorse that does a lot of different things, none of them particularly taxing. Primary use is as an internet machine, communications, etc. It's also a home media network server housing thousands of movies and tens of thousands of TV episodes to the house via Plex and Roku. Some video editing, some graphics work, some programming and compiling, but those are not the primary tasks and I don't care if something takes a couple of extra minutes to process or compile. Light gaming and no really demanding FPS /Action games where max frame rate matters. Might play half an hour of an older RPG like Grim Dawn or Path of Exile before dinner.

So I don't need much, what I'd like to find is the more modern equivalent of what I have. An all-around workhorse where gaming and graphics are not a priority, just something with enough juice to run some older games smoothly and do all the other communications and editing tasks. Preferably something with built-in graphics a step or two stronger than the Radeon 6530 the current CPU has onboard. Been out of the loop for a while since this box has been so trouble-free for so long, so not 100% sure what's out there. Saw the Athlon 3000G and thought that it's close to perfect for my needs. I love the price and the low power consumption and the Vega 3 graphics seem better than what I have. Also considering a Ryzen 3 3200G which seems like a well-respected CPU with even more grunt. Also more expensive and higher power draw. Is there any reason to go Ryzen over Athlon 3000g given my modest requirements and is there anything else that's similar that I should be looking at?

I'm figuring $50 the Athlon, $50-ish for 16GB DDR4 and $75-100 for MB , so $175-200 for the Athlon and $225-$250 if I go with Ryzen. You make the call. Money is not a big enough deal to make me go for the cheaper option based on price alone, just don't want to buy more than I need.