Question Looking for advice on my next pc

Feb 26, 2020
Right now, I'm looking at getting these 3 components:
  • 3080 Ti
  • i7-10700K
  • Z490 Asus Rog Maximus XII Hero (wifi)
I never overlock my cpu's. I'm only interested in gaming, vr, and movies.

Since the 3080 Ti will support pcie-4, is it foolish to get the above cpu and motherboard that do not support pcie-4? Are there better options for the cpu and motherboard?
Today, pcie-4 is all about marketing.
We have no pcie-4 capable products available, possibly excepting a ssd device.
From a graphics card point of view, pcie 2/3/4 makes little difference.
Tests using a top end card shows minimal difference in fps between pcie2 vs 3.

It is my understanding that Z490 motherboards are capable of pcie-4 now, but
Will not be updated until the next gen intel processors arrive in perhaps a year.
Likely this will be done via a bios update.

What is your build timeframe?
Since a 3080ti is not available nor announced, what is your plan for a graphics card for this build?
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As far as we seen only a couple of brands like Asus and Asrock are advertising the PCIe4. But it should be compatible across the Z490 line up. And yes personally I wouldn't buy a motherboard that wouldn't have, might not use it today, but for storage I do think it will come handy in the future.