Question Looking for advice on which secondary monitor to get

Mar 26, 2020

So I'm looking for another monitor. Currently I have an Acer XF240H 144hz monitor. I'm split on whether I should get another 24' 1080p monitor such as the AOC 24" G2GU which I've heard pretty good things about.

However, I'm considering spending a bit more to get a 1440p 27' 144hz IPS monitor for the future as I wouldn't like to buy a third monitor if I were to upgrade my rig to game in 1440p. I'm running a RTX 2060 and i5-9400F and from what I've heard I'll be unlikely to get anywhere near 144 fps at 1440p in most games. Though at the moment I don't game that much and mostly play Rocket League. How much would my browsing experience, watching movies etc benefit from getting this kind of monitor? LG 27'' UltraGear 27GL83A is the monitor I'm considering if I were to go for the 1440p 144hz IPS route.

What do you guys recommend? Please let me know if there are any other monitors you think would suit my needs.

Thanks in advance.



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