Question (looking for advice) Overclocking i7 9700k

Nov 2, 2020
Just looking for some relative advice on OC'ing my 9700k.

I'm currently using a Gigabite z390 UD - I'm aware that this isn't the best motherboard at the time i didn't think too much of it and this is really my first venture into stuff like this as it's helping pass the time during lockdown. I've tried following some guides however the bios doesn't seem to have as many options as what people are saying in their guides either that or it's worded differently and isn't making too much sense to me.

I managed to get 5ghz with 1.3v and LLC set to turbo (level 6 I think) however when monitoring during stress tests it holds up but the voltage spikes are over 1.4v and from what i've read it's best to try and keep it under this, what's confusing me at the moment is that the manual vcore set doesn't reflect when monitoring when changing the LLC - my question would be is this normal - does putting LLC on turbo allow more power to the CPU even though manual vcore is set at 1.3?

I've currently gone with a preset profile in the bios which was called gaming which just allowed an all core boost to 4.7 instead of 4.6 and changed the ratio to get 4.9ghz and it all seems stable at the moment - i've ran some stress tests and as the voltage is set to adaptive it bounces around abit but usually stays lower with the highest readings around 1.37/1.38 occassional spikes over 1.4 temps get to max mid 70's under load and mid 30's when idle. Is it worth me trying to mess around more and set a manual overlcock or just stick with what I have considering it rarely goes over 1.4v and temps seem to be okay?