Looking for affordable ddr3 video cards



for this system I am building
Currently Building a system
so far have
Coolermaster HAF 932 FT
GByte MA790GPT-UD3H board
4gb pc 1066 dd3 ram
Aprieva 750 wt PSU
Lite- ON DvD RW (Sata)
looking for affordable ati cards compatiable with this particular board to run crossfire as well as a cpu cooler compatible with an AM3 socket thx guys
Get rid of that Apavia PSU. It's cr@p.

See what jhonny says:
Proclockers take a look at the Apevia Warlock 750W unit. It passed their test setup, but that does not mean it can do so at say a more realistic 40 C over an extended period. Most of the members of our forum know of Apevia/Asspire units and usually associate them with the ultra-crap, $10. 8000W bargain basement garbage type units.

Well ladies and gents, there are no shots of the insides, but the chromatic shock presented by the blue heatsinks and the yellow JEE cans on the primary side sure do look familiar. It may not be the exact same unit (or it could be!), but I would stick my neck out and say that it is probably rated at 25 C and will blow up in an ATE based testing environment. But hey, you can't go wrong with the colors and shiny lights so it must be kick ass!


Sep 26, 2008

If you haven't got the Apevia already than buy something else, like the OCZ StealthXStream 400W, otherwise just keep that Apevia, you'll only be using a small portion of its capacity so it's crappy quality won't show as much.