Question Looking for an EXCELLENT, well rounded, real time system monitoring Software for my PC, any recommendations?


Feb 1, 2014
Trying to find an excellent, well rounded, real time system monitoring software. I use hdinfo64, but that doesn't really do real time.

For the last few weeks my system has been powering down when idle, ie I am not sitting there, actively using it. I've already checked power settings cause I know at work Windows 10 Build 1803 has DISABLED our mouse giggler software we use.
IF it were power, it would shutdown when under power. I've tested this a few time by streaming from a website, watching a movie and running 2 instances of WoW, all at the same time. No issues

System really isn't idle when I'm not using it. I use SETI and have it programmed to use 5 of the CPU Cores and GPU.

Also, typically when windows shuts down unexpectedly you get the Windows shutdown screen when you turn it back on. Also, I don't get any pop ups when I log back in. I've been running this current setup since April 2017. I know I'm WAY over due for a complete system cleanup (pull apart, blow out the dust bunnies, clean up the thermal grease, apply new coating, reseat everything, format my C drive and reinstall) I usually do this once or twice a year.

SO any suggestions on real time monitoring software?