Question Looking for an internal Blu-Ray burner that supports both UHD and BDXL ?


Oct 5, 2002
I know some people are going to insist that optical drives are outdated, that I shouldn't bother with one, etc etc... I already have an optical drive in my system, I am looking to upgrade that drive, so I ask please keep the conversation about what drive to get and not complain about it being a useless purchase for me.

I currently have an internal Blu-Ray burner in my desktop that supports up to Dual-Layer. Since the upgraded Motherboard/CPU now supports UHD (Yes, I am well aware of all the hoops one needs to jump through to make this work on a PC) I wanted to replace it with a newer drive that has more support for the newer formats.

My main purpose of the drive is to try to read and write as many standard formats as possible (CD, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-DL RW, BDXL RE, etc.. I know I won't be able to get support for some of the more obscure/never popular formats like HD-DVD and that's fine), as well as have UHD support (Though apparently getting quad-layer support will be hard? From what I understand, this was depreciated over triple-layer but there are some quad-layer disks on the market?). Trying to Google this, very few drives fit the bill. Seems like the only ones are the Pioneer BDR-212UBK and the LG WH16NS60. Apparently the Asus BW-16D1HT used to, but a firmware update disabled it's UHD support.... and both the LG and Asus drive apparently have reliability issues as well as compatibility issues with blank media.

Are there any other drives one can recommend that fit the bill?