Question looking for an old car game

Jan 5, 2022
Hi , (sorry for my bad english) I played a game when i was a kid , it was a car/ racing game where you can choose different type of cars and there was one car which had weapons on it like missiles and machine gun and traps also there was only one map , theres no mission and no unlockable cars you just choose a type of cars and all other npcs will have have the same car as you thats it. I played the game in 2004/2005
ps: all the cars are real cars there are no weird looking cars


I can't think of any game that would only have one map and has guns and AI players.

Midtown Madness and Midtown Madness 2 were Microsoft titles that came with only one or two maps. Chicago, San Francisco, and later London was added. You could do time trials, but there was no AI or weapons.

Maybe one of the older Need For Speeds? But they always have more than one map and weapons were not featured.

I wonder if you were playing a demo that only had one map?