Oct 9, 2011
Hello, thanks for reading my thread.

I've been searching like crazy on the internet to answer these two questions, but no luck.

first, How much ram is needed in a router to handle full Internet routes?

And second, What is the max ram you can put in a Cisco 7200vxr with a NPE-G2?
For full internet routes, I'd contact the ISP you plan on peering with. Full routing can be really intensive and they will know approximate how many routes they advertise under full routing.

Any authorized cisco vendor should be able to tell you the amount of ram their 7200vxr can hold.

It's been quite a while since I've worked with a 7200 (not vxr). We used to run BGP4 with full routes from both level 3 out of chicago and some other ISP whom I can't remember based out of Pittsburgh. Data was load balanced and the two lines provided redundancy in case the other dropped.