Question Looking for ASRock X570 Steel Legend Wifi AX users reviews


Dec 9, 2013
Looking for ASRock X570 Steel Legend Wifi AX users reviews. I'm planning to pair this with Ryzen 3600.

I know this board has a weaker VRM compared Aorus Elite or Asus TUF Wifi. I won't do any overclocking stuff so I'm fine with this steel legend's VRM.
The reason for choosing this over the other 2 mentioned card is Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 & cheaper price.

Based on my research looks like steel legend has worse RGB software which I'm completely ok with because I'm not into RGB stuff, I'll turn off anyway.

This is the cheapest wifi 6 card so there should be some takeaway. Any experiences ?
Dec 29, 2019
I own this motherboard.

I can confirm the Windows based RGB software is really bad. Sometimes it throws errors in Windows, sometimes it makes the RGB run very slowly, sometimes it makes the CPU run high in task manager. The software runs a bat file on launch that reflashes the RGB firmware... I have given up on the RGB software and just set it to not run. I have had much better luck with RGB software from my individual components (AMD CoolerMaster HSF, Trident RGB RAM, Razer Synapse for Huntsman Elite Keyboard, Mamba TE Mouse, Goliath Mousemat, Firefly Mousemat) as well as the RGB BIOS settings (Motherboard RGB, Case Fan RGB). The only reason I want the software is so I can use it for Chroma Connect (to sync all RGB to work through the Razer software). Chroma Connect works fine with everything except this ASROCK RGB software. Hopefully they will update it and make it work correctly down the road.

I haven't used the WIFI yet, but I have been trying to resolve an issue with the Bluetooth. I have an older pair of Razer Adaro Wireless headphones. These worked fine on my old PC going to a cheap Bluetooth that plugged in to a USB port. On this new machine I can not get them to work. I have Bluetooth set to enabled in the BIOS and WIFI set to disabled. I do not have the antenna hooked up (I'm pretty sure this is only for WIFI). I can get them to pair sometimes, but it only lasts for a minute then they disconnect. It could be an issue with Bluetooth 5.0 and these older headphones. I plan on using that older USB Bluetooth at some point to see if they work with that.

There have also been a bunch of issues with Bluetooth/Wireless and Windows 1903 and 1909. I am running 1909 on my new build. Not sure what my old build was on. Any Bluetooth/Wireless issues with this motherboard could be related to Windows.
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