Question Looking for best Graphic Card for Gaming Laptop by Steven lash San Diego


Feb 17, 2021

I have been looking for best graphic card for my gaming Laptop. I know there are many companies which has produced large number of graphics card, I didn't find the best one which is most useful and handy to use.

Steven Lash San Diego
I hate to be a negative nancy here, but this is something you probably should abandon for the following reasons:
  • Very few laptop models support swapping of the graphics. The only ones I'm aware of are Alineware's (which I believe have been proprietary in the past few generations) and Clevo (which includes other brands since they're a turnkey producer).
  • Replacement laptop graphics cards tend to be stupid expensive if you can find them. Although recent pricing has gone down, the last time I looked when the RTX 20 series were out, they were commanding over $1000 for a higher end one. And even before then, higher end ones were hovering well above their desktop equivalent.
  • Power and cooling requirements may exceed what your laptop is capable of.
  • If you have a Thunderbolt 3 port, you could get an external graphics enclosure, but a decent one with a power supply will run you at least $100-$150. And then you have to find a graphics card.