looking for best router/access point solution to add wireless to a wired business network


Jun 3, 2015
I am looking to add wireless capability to a fixed wired network with 20 desktop computers to enable secure wireless VPN access to the LAN as well as internet access from employees' personal laptops/ tablets. usage would be no more than seven total, rarely more than one at any one time, and virtually never more than 3. The current network is a single LAN and single WAN using a cable business IP gateway and Sonicwall TZ105 router and multiple switches. The building is very large, built in the 1890's located on four floors with plaster walls and ceilings
You likely are going to need at least 1 AP per floor. You don't need VPN normal WPA2 should accomplish the same thing. If you want it very secure you can run in WPA2 enterprise mode but you need a radius server....but that can be your AD server if you have one.

To allow internet from employee laptops you likely will want to use some form of guess wireless network. If you had a single AP then it would be somewhat simpler but with 4 or more you are going to need a "guest" vlan. If your switches have vlan abilities that makes it eaisier.

There are many AP some from cisco or avaya cost a fortune. I would look at ubiquiti products they are targeted at smaller business so they have many of the extra features....like vlan support. They are much cheaper than the ones designed for large enterprise customer.