Looking for Best solution to wireless network in my home.


Dec 27, 2005
I have Windstream DSL and have had some issues with my Internet lately. I have had the same service for 7 years, so I have a suspicion it is the router going bad.

What I am hoping to get assistance with is for my wireless coverage.

My current setup is this:
Sagecom modem/router, powerline network to 2nd router (not set up as an AP), and a wifi booster (just got it from Groupon and do not think it even works). I have several items plugged into my Sagecom such as printer, desktop, Sonos bridge. The 2nd router is so that the wireless is stronger upstairs and in my driveway.

NOTE: I used to have a modem only from Windstream, a Netgear router and a Linksys running DD-WRT connected to the Netgear. The system worked extremely well, but did not get great coverage in my driveway. The Linksys burned out, so I got rid of it.

My question and issue:
I am trying to find the best solution, which basically means that I want wireless coverage throughout my house and around it.

I am wondering if I should get my own router (upgrade what I have) and possibly get the new wireless protocol of "AC" for future upgrades.

1. What router would you recommend? Should I get one with AC?
2. Is it best to use the powerline to the 2nd router? Should I follow the sticky and set the 2nd router as an AP?
3. I noticed some of the newer routers have 4 antennas. Are these much better with their wireless range?

Thank you for reading all of that and for any help or responses.


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