Question Looking for best value 1080p 144Hz 27" Freesync display


Mar 19, 2015
I'm looking into the case for some time, and i could not find a clear winner.

My priorities: gaming > movies/series > browsing/watching videos > anything else. I don't really play competitively, so the 1ms hype is not my priority, but it would be a nice addition. Gsync compatibility is not a must, but would be also nice. After some research i narrowed it down to VA or IPS panel, simply because of the aforementioned reason.

At first i was looking at the MSI Optix MAG271CR. It seemed like a really decent thing, but i'm really not into curvy things. After that i found the ASUS VG279Q, but its kinda pricey for my taste, just like the Asus Strix XG27VQ. I don't feel like i'm being compensated for the +30% price. Today i found the ACER Nitro VG271P, which seems to be perfect(ish), only downside that i would have to buy a stand to be able to adjust the height.

Any inputs, opinions, alternatives? FYI i live in Hungary, so some of the stuff might not be that easy to buy here.


VA tends to strike a nice balance of response time while maintaining pretty good color reproduction and, while not strictly necessary for what you're looking for, is the most readily available of the two.

AFAIK, there's only a couple of 144Hz IPS 27"/1080p panels, and they're ~$300 USD and probably even higher than that in equivalent local currency

Unfortunately though, at the screen size, you're starting to get into curved panel territory.

Do you have a link to a site you'd be looking to buy from? And what kind of budget are you working with?