[SOLVED] Looking for Case recommendations.


Jan 19, 2019
Hello fellas, I am looking to get some case recommendations for my current specs and wants. I preferably want a case that prioritizes:
  • Quietness
  • Can fit both ATX and Micro-ATX sizes. According to PCSpecs, my mobo is Micro-ATX, but I want the possibility to upgrade to a standard ATX form in the future.
  • Has decent, but not top of the line cooling. I am not planning on ever using water-cooling AIOs with radiators and I am not planning on overclocking anything so I am willing to make the sacrifice of slightly higher temps for quieter performance.
  • Can accommodate my current Hard Drive and can preferably accommodate a DVD/CD drive, but the latter is not a must. I just like having the option.
  • Has a standard front panel with 2 3.0 USB slots and the audio/mic plug-ins. Additional support for 3.0 USB slots and additional audio plug-ins would be amazing too.
  • Has ample room for a larger GPU in the future
Relevant Specs:

TC-Acer 605 Motherboard
GTX 1650 GPU
Corsair CX 550W 80+ Bronze PSU
WD 2 TB Green HDD 3.5 Inch

During my search, I did find one case which caught my eye. The Pure Base 600 by BeQuiet! https://www.newegg.com/black-be-quiet-pure-base-atx-mid-tower/p/2AM-0037-00028

Any thoughts, opinions or recommendations?
be quite! makes some very nice, very high quality products. i used the Dark Base 700 for a few years and really liked it.
it fits just about all of your criteria and looks very nice.
their Silent Wings 3 fans are also some of the highest top of the line available.

the only reason i moved on to my current Fractal Design Vector RS was due to the Dark Base series having limited top vents and wanting my 360mm radiator mounted there.

their newest Silent Base 802 would definitely be my choice if I was going be quiet! again.

current lineup: https://www.bequiet.com/en/case
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