Question Looking for certain model EDID emulator for use with Xbox Series X and Dell P2715Q

Feb 6, 2021

My P2715Q is revision A02 (2015), which means its capability of 4k60 is only possible through the DP and MiniDP 1.2 ports. To remedy this, I purchased an HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.2 adapter (CAC-1331) to use with my Xbox. Unfortunately on other forums, I noticed that the timings are different between HDMI and DP. This means that I can only display up to 1440p60, as 4k60 over HDMI and 4k60 over DisplayPort are not compatible with each other. Is there any possible way to 'adapt' the 594mhz 4k HDMI signal into a 533.25mhz signal using an EDID emulator so that my monitor will display 4k60 from my Xbox through DisplayPort?
simple edid wont be able to change link frequency thats comming from xbox,that active hdmi to dp adapter is whats changin it later on to DP 1.2 frequency (540MHz)
which means that adapter is not able to convert signal to your monitor due to unsupported video format (panel timings)