Looking for Cyberpower or iBuypower PC


Dec 19, 2012
SO I'm looking to buy a gaming pc from ibuypower, cyberpower, or some other website. My budget is about 950$

I don't think I want to build my computer, not looking for some extremely over the top computer, I mainly just want to be able to

play games such as Team Fortress 2, Black Ops2, CounterStrike:GO, etc. at a very decent fps at medium to high graphics(I realize

TF2 is very easy to run). This is my first time picking a gaming pc so sorry if I don't know very much about this subject.



May 3, 2012
Well, everyone on here is going to suggest you build one. I'm no different. While cyberpower and Ibuypower in general aren't to overpriced for their components, the components aren't very well matched so it ends up costing more than it needs to. you said that you didn't want to get an overpowered rig. But, if you are going to spend $950, why not just get the best thing you can. I'll start off your build and you try to build something good off of it. Go with an i5 3570k or i5 3330. The get a z77 motherboard for about $80-100, as I assume you don't care about sli or cfx.