Question Looking for desk that can hold up Acer's x34's on an AmazonBasics stand each, for under £150


Mar 17, 2018

Not sure where the best place to post is, but figured that this might do.

So as the title describes, I'm looking for a desk that will be able to safely support up to 2 Acer x34's on an Amazonbasics stand each.
I'm asking here as what I'm looking, I've been unable to find myself, and was hoping that you wonderful folks will be able to help me find some.

I was gonna buy the Ikea LINNMON / ADILS desk, which everything about is perfect, the size and colour, however, the downside is that it's inside material is a "Honeycomb structure paper filling". I've gone through the amazon's review, searching for Ikea desks, and they all seem to be fully supported, however, I would rather not risk having my £900 monitors being damaged due to me not finding a better alternative desk.

For what I'm looking for,
I'd rather it be under £100, but up to £150 if needed,
Black colour, but any darker colour is still preferable,
And of course, made of solid wood to support both the monitors.

As for size, I want a longer desk so I can comfortably fit my laptop on it, with both my monitors and tower, without interfering with mouse space
So with that in mind, about 150cm length, average 70-80cm high, and if possible, 70+cm wide.

I'm hoping you guys are able to help me, as I've been looking for a while and haven't been able to bring up anything.