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Question Looking for Free Music Audio File Converter Software


May 26, 2019
I will re-rip my music collection into FLAC with the Mediamonkey music player. I am aware that it can convert audio files to different formats, but it seems to be limited to individual albums. In the past, I used a paid-license version of NCH Software to make MP3 copies of my FLAC music collection with customized MP3 audio properties (e.g. joint-stereo, CBR, VBR). It could also copy the folder structure of both the main folders and sub-folders of my FLAC music collection. However, the license only allows me to use it on one computer and does not allow me to use the license again on either a different computer or the same computer after it is reformatted.

I wish to avoid having to pay for a license again to use the same software. Does anyone know of a reliable free audio converter software that not only allows me to make copies of my FLAC songs in MP3, but also allows me to customize the audio properties like joint-stereo, CBR, VBR, etc. and lets me copy the folder structure of the folders and subfolders of my FLAC music collection so I don't have to manually create new folders?