Question Looking for headset recommendations

Oct 20, 2021
Hello all, as the thread title says, I'm looking for some recommendations for a new headset. My last pair was a set of Logitech G430s, so what I'm looking for is something at least comparable to those in terms of sound quality while being within a budget of $100 or less. I play games where a lot of actions and sounds can be occurring at any one time (e.g. MMOs, ARPGs, etc.), so something that would allow a range of sounds to come through without being muddled would be fantastic.


There are enough good under 100 headsets to make picking not so easy . For a clean even sound response the Cooler Master MH751 or 752 are good, HyperX Clouds are also good they are tuned towards the low end more so you would have more boominess but they are not as clear across all frequencies. Steelseries Arctis are a good range, the 5 is on sale now, at least at BestBuy
You can get the 7 with wireless for a bit more if you want to have an all-in-one set for various uses

Another option with great sound quality if you can stretch the budget up a bit is the Sennheisers They are basically a nice $2-300 sounding headphone with a mic on them.