Question Looking for headsets comparible to the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11


Apr 20, 2015
The Earforce P11 has dual volume controls. I can have voice calls for one dial, and music/games/other things for the other dial. If music is overpowering the person I'm in a call with, I can just lower one volume dial and/or turn up the other volume dial. This is a feature I've grown very accustomed to and can't really imagine not having it. The only real problem with the Ear Force P11s is their durability, within a year or less I start to experience problems (my first set went deaf in 1 ear, and my second set is has a short in the microphone. They tend to develop these problems within a year or less. I'm looking for something more durable but has the same kind of dual volume controls.


Any suggestion is welcome, including expensive ones.

Thank you!