May 1, 2022
Couple years back, I purchased an Alienware Aurora R11. Running into some thermal/noise issues now and I'm looking to move as much as possible into a new case. I haven't built a new rig in 5-6 years, so I'm hoping for some help to make sure what I'm considering will work out. I don't have a specific deadline to accomplish this, but my system can't be down for more than a few days, as I use it for work and gaming, Right now, I don't play any games that really stress the system, but would like to make sure I have some headroom for future games.

Parts I'm pretty sure can be salvaged from the R11:
Intel Core i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
32GB (2x16) Dual Channel HyperX FURY DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz
PC611 NVMe SK Hynix 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD (Boot)
1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
WD Blue 2TB HDD WDS200T2BOA-00SM50 (Storage)
Windows 10 Home, Version 21H1, 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Parts I can pull from an older build:
EVGA SuperNova 750 P2
Corsair H100i CPU AIO water cooler (if still worth it and can fit newer MBs)

New parts I'll need to replace:
CPU cooler (maybe, see Corsair H100i question above)

So, I'm considering the following:
Lian-Li O11 Dynamic EVO ATX Mid Tower Tempered Glass Computer Case, Black.
I like the look and versatility of the case. Looks as if it will provide plenty of cooling for my existing components with the option to adapt to future upgrades.

ASUS TUF Gaming B560M-PLUS WiFi LGA1200 (Intel®11th/10th Gen) Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard (PCIe 4.0, 2X M.2 Slots,8+1 Power Stages, 2.5Gb LAN, WiFi 6, USB 3.2 Type-C®, Thunderbolt™ 4 Support)
I've had good luck with Asus boards in the past, so it was my first go to when thinking about a new MB to support my existing Intel Core i7-10700F CPU. That said, since I'm running 10th gen Intel I don't know if it makes sense to pay for a board that supports PCIe 4.0, but I could be mistaken on this point. I obviously don't need the Z590 options, but wonder what I'd loose going with a 400 series board. Support for the 3200 MHz RAM and XMP, I think, but again not so certain on these points. I really don't need the WiFi version, but don't see an option with the other features but no WiFi. This is where I could use the most help with respec t to making sure my existing components will be supported and that I'm not overlooking features that I should consider. So any feedback on this choice or other alternatives I should consider would be appreciated.

Not certain that I can re-use the H100i, as the product specification page is lacking, well, all the specs. Not sure if the existing brackets will fit an LG1200 board.
I could purchase a new AIO set-up with a 360 radiator, but air cooling with a tower may make more sense from an economics POV.
I will probably get or reuse a number of 120 and 140 fans (Noctua) I have in an older build, or buy some new ones.

Appreciate any feedback, especially if you see a conflict with what I'm proposing.