Looking for help with new build


Sep 24, 2008
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: My old AMD 939 socket computer finally gave up. I am thinking its the motherboard, but instead of repairing a 4+ yr old computer I figure I will just build a new one. I would like to be able to finish the purchasing by the end of July. I want to stay under $600 USD if possible.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: I play a few games on the computer, nothing too graphic intense. The game I play most often would be World of Warcraft. I usually have 1-4 tabs of Firefox opened when I am on the computer. I do some photo manipulation but nothing too extensive. I will need the computer to handle programming projects since I am a CS major, so quad core would probably be the best.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I am planning to keep: my old optical drives(dvd-rom and dvdrw), power supply(antec 600w), My monitor, my speakers, and my hdd's at this time. If need be I could also keep my case.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Any tines will work. I have had good experiences before from Zipzoomfly and newegg, but always open to any site with good rating or recommended by you all.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Brand doesnt matter to me. I have read that Intel seems to be beating AMD in benchmarks and stats, but it seems that AMD is starting to make ground on closing that gap recently. I plan to run Windows as my main OS...If I build an intel machine, I may toy with the idea of Mac OS as a secondary, but its not crucial.

OVERCLOCKING: I would consider OC, but its not mandatory SLI OR CROSSFIRE: I am sure I could get by fine with just one Vid card, but I wouldnt rule out SLI or Crossfire.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I normally run in 1280x1024 resolution or near that. It has been like 6 weeks since I had my computer running, so I cant remember for sure. I haev a 22" WS monitor

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: For the MoBo I would prefer to have at least one PCI slot so I can use wifi...my current apt has wifi included with rent. Other than that, looks like it is all covered.
At $600 I think we are looking at an AMD build. I could do an Intel build that would be close, but the AMD would have better upgrade potential.

This is practically a free board.. not the best perhaps but hey if it doesn't work out newegg will come through for you.
It's the right chipset but a single PCI-E version.

This is a good budget case:
CM 690

RAM - OCZ 1066 4GB

A 22" WS LCD should have 1680X1050 res.

Since you have saved a good bit you can splurge here a bit:

HIS 4890

A good cooler: