Question Looking for help with wireless Headset

Jul 27, 2020
Im searching for a new wireless Headset to improve my microphone situation and im hoping that someone in here is able to help me

Right now im using a Bose QC35 and a blue yeti but my keyboard is mechanical so the blue yeti gets a lot of noise that i dont want to record (im not recording videos or smth like that, im just playing games while talking in discord) - i tried a lot of options to filter/fix it but i just cant make it work the way i want it to

Thats why im here, im looking for a wireless gaming headset with atleast the same sound quality as the bose QC35 (noise canceling/great audio atleast as far as i know) and a mic that isnt too shabby either.

Is there anything you guys can recommend? Is it even possible to get something that fills my need?

I paid ~300€ for my QC35 back in the day and around 100€ for the blue yeti so i guess i would be alright to spend ~500€ if i can find a product that satisfies me

For now I found the Audeze Mobius and the Corsair Virtuoso was recommended by a friend of mine, anyone can say something about those?

I read smth about that USB Dongles are capped at 2.4GHZ and that it would make the audio or the voice via my mic bad quality wise - can i dodge this with using 2 dongles if im able to connect both to one? if it is possible with the mic?