Looking for HTPC Suggestions


Jul 3, 2011
I am looking for suggestions on components for an HTPC. I have a different PC for gaming in another room so this would be purely for use as an HTPC / web surfing / e-mail

Key considerations:
Price - $600 to $700

Vendor : Newegg or tigerdirect (I can go to tigerdirect so I can avoid shipping but then have to pay sales tax)

I need basically everything except a monitor (so win 7 needs to be included and I am not a student) :

Here are a few comments on component preferences / expected use:

CPU - I am thinking an AMD A6 is the best bet (I prefer to use AMD)

Case - I am fine using a normal mid-tower case

PSU - I would prefer at least an 80 plus or better as I plan to leave it on

HD - Don't think I want an SSD as I plan to leave the machine on

Optical drive - Blue ray is optional as I already have a blue ray player and to save money maybe leave this off and I can always put it in later (Don't want a blue ray burner)

GPU - None (use A6)

TV Tuner card - I'll be pulling signal OTA

Stereo adapter - I have an oldish 5.1 receiver so I'll want an adapter from the MB sound to my stereo (not a huge sound snob so I don't think I want a sound card)

Wireless card - I don't want to move my router (I have an N router but laptops and my Wii get a low signal strength in the room the HTPC will be in which is good enough for netflix but making sure I get a good wireless card is pretty key).

Input device - I need some kind of wireless keyboard / mouse or maybe one of the all in one remotes that have a built in keyboard and mouse (open to suggestions but would prefer them in regards to using with an HTPC that will also have some we surfing / email.

Thanks in advance for any suggested components
I would consider an i3-2100t over an A6 or A8 because it will still handle Blu Ray playback without a problem and it's cheaper and will consume far less power.

Heres a suggestion for a nice HTPC build, the power consumption will be very low and it should be extremely quiet too:

Intel Core i3-2100t - $134.99
4GB Corsair XMS3 - $29.99
ASUS P8H61-M - $72.99
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB - $59.99
SeaSonic SS-300ET 300W - $42.99
Fractal Design Define Mini - $99.99
ASUS PCE-N13 Wireless Adapter - $27.99
Rosewill RKM-1600RF Wireless Keyboard and Laser Mouse - $39.99
LG Blu Ray Drive - $57.99
Scythe Shuriken Rev.B - $34.99

Total - $701.89 Before Shipping

Touch over the budget but if this bothers you i suppose you could lose the CPU cooler, i just thought it would be a lot quieter than the stock one. Either way, this has:

- Excellent PSU
- Multiple Video Outputs
- Blu Ray Drive
- Super cool and quiet
- Super low power consumption @ around 150W max


Jul 3, 2011
Actually that I3 is $15 more then an A6, but the power consumption would more then make up for it in the long run. However, I am a bit concerned trying to play 1080 stuff with integrated graphics.

Unless I have a truly compelling reason to use intel I want to support AMD (of course I broke that rule on my gaming PC GPU but that's another story)

Other then the CPU stuff thanks for the suggestions on the wireless card..one thing that is missing is the TV tuner card...but I can probably get a cheaper case to make up that price dif


Dec 1, 2010
Firstly, take a look at this forum link.
I don't really think an aftermarket cooler is needed, especially if you are trying to shave off money for a tight budget. HD 2000 is more than capable of handling even 3D BR.
If you are wanting to go AMD I would wait until the 65W CPUs are released since only the high performance ones are out right now which is both overkill and a waste of money/electricity. I think September is their release timeframe.
I really like these 2 cases. They are both a bit cheaper. Make sure you think out your cooling situation with any case choice though. Especially if you go with the 100 watt A6. The I3-2100t comes with a low profile heatsink already. The A6 doesn't so you will have to go the aftermarket route to ensure it fits.
Oh sorry i was comparing the i3 to the A8, not the A6. If you need to shave off some of the price i would sooner lose the CPU cooler than get a cheaper case to be honest, i only put the cooler in there because it will be slightly quieter. Also, like masseybe84 said, the integrated graphics on that i3 will have no problems at all with Blu Ray.