Question Looking for ideas for a case and mobo for a 3950x


Sep 20, 2014
I plan to replace my 6700k system over the holiday. I also plan to consolidate a dell t30 unraid media server and my thought was to get a 3950x. I would install unraid, run a win 10 vm for 12 cores and keep 4 cores for my media server which would double the server potential from the 1225v5 and triple the 6700k I'm currently running.

I have two questions though.

The first is about case selections. I'm using an old Thermaltake with a build in hot swap drive. I no longer need this and would prefer reasonable internal 3.5 drive options. My thought was at least 8 bays. This should give me more than enough storage for media and enough to allocate to windows. I do plan to run a rad preferably a closed loop for the cpu and maybe something for the video card although I'll likely keep my 980gtx until 3080 or 3070 is out. I do appreciate aesthetics for the case but don’t care at all about rgb. Any suggestions? Price cap would be $300.

The second question is about mobo selection. I would think a x570 is probably a no brainer but I’m wondering if there are any suggestions for this? I’d like to future proof from a port selection as much as possible. As a result, I’m paying attention to USB generation, on-board networking, and anything else that might be worth considering.

Any thoughts would be appreciated as I’ll probably be ordering everything next week and assembling in early Dec. I would probably result 2x 16gb 3200 DDR4s, my gtx980, my PM961 1tb, and some existing drives.
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Oct 19, 2017
For beautiful simplistic, well designed cases that allows for some great cable management. I would recommend NZXT

There is some great and affordable MSI motherboards that supports newer gen USB which allows supports fast charge for your mobile devices.