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Question Looking for information and thoughts on soundcards.

Dec 27, 2019
Late last year I decided that I needed to move away from corded headsets and a wired TrackIR mounted to it. So I bought a Corsair Virtuoso (Wireless) headset; love it btw; and have also bought a wireless trackIR sensor as well. I am really interested in getting a soundcard for my PC but haven't had one installed in a PC in several years. I think the last one I bought was way back when DIAMOND MonsterSound MX300 was arguably the best sound card being produced but that was nearly 20 years ago.

Anyway what sound card if any could work with the Corsair Virtuoso headset? Or if I really want a good sound card will I have to go back to the old wired Sennheiser headset?


I am not sure about this, so you may want to ask Corsair Tech Support. My reading of the info and instructions for the Virtuoso system says it is normally used (and uses its best features) when it has NOTHING to do with any existing sound card or mobo audio system. Further, all its sound manipulation features are done using the iCUE software utility. To me, that means that all the sounds you hear are being generated by the Corsair software running on the mobo, and whatever they create is sent wirelessly to the headphones to be produced. I really doubt that iCUE is so smart it can figure out how to control all the mobo audio chip systems and all the add-on sound cards on the market. I am pretty sure there is no way for iCUE to grab the output of any mobo audio chip and send it to the headset. And I'm virtually positive there is no way for iCUE to grab all of the outputs from an add-on sound card in a PCIe slot and send that out. Net result of my thinking: it makes NO difference what sound system you use, because the ONLY sound system that Virstuoso headset uses is its own.