Looking for membrane keyboard suggestion

Jun 14, 2018
let me clarify right now i dont like mechanical keyboards, i prefer membrane's silence and keys lightness.

My old membrane keyboard started having issues with some keys (its pretty old indeed, left ctrl has been abused without mercy between shortcuts and games), and i'm looking forward to buy a new one. Best case scenario i'd appreciate having anti-ghosted arrow keys and wasd; Other features are nice, but if they're going to impact the price massively, i'd rather not need fancy backlights nor fancy key remapping software (which one can achieve for totally free with a single .ahk script anyway).

The reason i'm asking is looking around and seeing all the "get a mechanical one because…" things, i've grown the idea that new membrane keyboards are somehow of worse quality than older ones. People speaking about membrane wearing badly in 1 year, not standing persistent usage etcc…
I've no idea whether these statements are dictated from writer's bias towards mechanical keyboards, or from new membrane keyboards being actually bad. I'm scared about risking to get a keyboard that won't survive 1 year (this one i'm using is 16 years old).

So i'm here open to suggestions for a specific product. I'd be happy with a more non-casual-oriented keyboard which is still membrane.

The key layout i'm looking for is standard italian layout: