Question Looking for more storage


Apr 21, 2019
So, I have super slow internet, so slow in fact that I thought, “what If I just had a lot of storage and I put all my games and downloaded all my videos onto there?” I currently have a 500gb SATA III SSD. I was thinking about getting a 1tb M.2 drive, but I still didn’t think that would be enough storage to fit everything. Idk how much storage I needed and thought about getting a hard disk drive. Idk what a reasonable storage amount would be, but I want something not too expensive. I’m pretty picky on the noise my pc makes, but as long as I don’t access the drive too often it doesn’t matter too much. Would it alternately be a better idea to get the 1tb M.2 drive and also get a couple 1 or 2tb SATA III SSD’s (do they have 2tb SSD’s at a reasonable price?)? Would it also not be bad to spend twice the money on a 2tb M.2? Idk, are hybrids viable here? I also have another question, I have an Phanteks eclipse p400s case, and If I get a large graphics card will I still be able to fit a hard disk drive in it if I get one? I heard if I get a large graphics card then it will block some drive bays.


Windows is always checking things on attached drives so an HDD would begin making noise if you weren't the one using it. If you want quiet then an SSD is probably the way to go.

If you need more space then you can afford in SSD then look for a 5400rpm drive such as the WD Red (not red Pro) or WD Blue. 2 & 3 TB options shown below.