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Mar 19, 2015
So, soon(ish) i'm gonna buy a new mechanical keyboard, and i'm currently looking for options, could use some advice on the ones i found so far, or if you have better alternatives, i would like to hear (read?) them.

I'm looking for :
  • Cherry MX Brown switches (Red might be OK)
  • European layout (Hungarian > UK > European > German) - honestly anything that's not US
  • Price point is between $100-$200
  • RGB because reasons (might drop this one if presented a great keyboard)
  • Hungarian retailers (or European that delivery to said country)
So far i found these, in order of my taste, descending order (1=im itching to order it, 5=i would be okay with it):
  1. ASUS ROG Strix Scope (Brown, Hungarian)
  2. Corsair Strafe MK.2 (Brown, German)
  3. Ducky Chanel One 2 (Brown, Hungarian)
  4. HyperX Alloy Elite (Red, UK)
  5. Cooler Master Masterkey 750 (Brown, German)
If you have one of these keyboard, i would appreciate some input on them, or if you have another one that is a good choice, let me know!

p.s.: also, since i live in this country, cant really try out any of these beforehand, so it will be a wild guess at the end.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day!