Looking for new monitor suggestions; seems I can't get more then a year out of one


Nov 14, 2007
What I'm looking for: Matte, *can't do glossy, something neutral to warm, (some of the LED monitors I've gotten had a blue tinge to them and just couldn't use them.) Size at least 22/23" I'm not a gamer, I'll play the occasional game here and there but more casual type games.

I'm not sure if i have bad luck, or what but I can't seem to get more then a year out of a monitor. 2010 I mistakenly bought a dell 22" I was avised by a good friend there just rebadged Samsungs and actually decent monitors, I personally couldn't stand it and wished I would of sent it back the day I plugged it in. Screen had a glossy appearance to it and a terrible blue tinge that I could never correct in the settings. Finally the touch sensitive buttons shorted or something and the menus kept randomly popping up so I decided to just replace it.

Late 2011 I bought an LG display, out of the box I was pretty happy with this display, it's matte and the display is much warmer no blue tinge. A couple months ago it started acting like the inverter was going I wasn't aware LED still used inverters but I guess they must. When the screen comes out of sleep the back light flickers at first was a just a few seconds now I'd say it flickers at least a good 30 seconds if not longer, I know it could last for a while longer or just go at any point so I'm yet again looking trying to find a new monitor.
Do you often punch your screen ? It might be your issue !
Just kidding, here's my recommendation :